Datingwith Style

I have a date!… What do I wear?

I want to look my age! But not frumpy…. HELP!

I want to make a good first impression…
What do I do with my hair and makeup?

You’ve got BIG Questions about how to feel Attractive, Desirable and still Age Appropriate, but you’re STUCK on What You can do to not be so Challenged!

…So you have a your first dinner date lined up, and you’re wondering… what am I going to wear?

Maybe you feel kinda plain Jane, invisible, and out of date!

You want to look your very best and feel more confident around men.

You want to look attractive and alluring BUT not like you are trying too hard! 

Not like a 25 year old!

You look in the mirror at your hair and skin and wonder if he will notice or care? and you know you haven’t been looking so hot lately.

The Solution is Here!

60 Minute Dating
& Style Session
with Lori Ann


  • Most women dating don’t quite understand what men like. What really catches their eye and makes them want to get to know you!
  • Your appearance, clothing and style are a vital part to your dating success.
  • A positive and memorable first impression turns that first date into a second and beyond…
  • So why not get this part of the dating process (fashion, correct colors, hair and makeup) under control so you can stop stressing and that way you can enjoy this man’s company and get to know him?
  • I will give you honest, expert advice and I will do this in a kind manner.

Imagine… having more successful dates and meeting that the MAN of your dreams.
Wouldn’t that just be the dreamiest!

If You’re Ready to Stop Wasting Time Figuring Out How to Be Alluring, Attractive and COMFORTABLE in Your Own Skin, 
Then Click the “I NEED THIS LORI” Button to Receive a 60 Minute Dating with Style Session with Lori Ann

60 Minute Dating with Style Session with Lori Ann

In This Exclusive 60 Minute Skype Session, We Will Cover:

  • Discover your REAL body shape (it’s probably NOT what you think!)
  • What styles that would best suit you
  •  Mini Color Analysis-learn what colors you should wear to illuminate your lovely face
  • “Show and Tell”- Show me a few things in your dating wardrobe so I can “advise and accessorize” them for you