Break Up with Your Dated Clothes

And let’s face it ladies, completion is fierce out there and we need to take hold of every advantage and grab it by the tail.  Whether it be in business or in dating we are up against so many odds.

So this is what I love to do with my clients and teach them how not to look old lady and boring but  vibrant, modern and alluring. I do not care what size or shape you are you have the ability and it does take some effort and having a strong vision of your dream look.

This very powerful thing you just need to hold strong to that dream and vision so forge ahead baby.

Also you need to update which means weeding out the dated clothes from the 80’s and 90’s. Move on ladies!  I know you may have sentimental favorites or designer garments that were very expensive and you hate to part with them but really darling is that dirndl style skirt working for you anymore? AH NO… don’t think so. These dated items can not be revamped and restyled and fit just right. And the cost to do those types of alterations is off the charts expensive, so really it is time to reinvest in yourself,you deserve it, and just get new.

Stop holding on to things that you wore when your career was at an all time high or you purchased because it was expensive.

It does not serve you well to have a closet of dated old clothes.  I call this hanging on to your “Glory Days” and it is time to modernize and get your new  style on and I am here to help!

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