Does this sound like you?

  • I don’t know how to get started with finding my style and I AM IN A RUT
  • Tired of wasting time and money on the wrong clothing and colors
  • I have gained weight and nothing fits! I need help finding clothing that looks and makes me feel great
  • I don’t want to look frumpy ANYMORE!

If you are nodding your head
than it is time to get a jump on…

START MY STYLE is EXACTLY what you need to jumpstart your style.

Here’s what you get when you purchase START MY STYLE!

60 Minute “Start My Style Session” with Lori Ann Robinson (Me!)

We meet online (Zoom) for 60 minutes face to face (very important!). In our time together you will share your style desires with me and your roadblocks when it comes to your style. I will employ my over 30 years of expertise in the Fashion and Television world to give you step by step on how to overcome your roadblocks and create your signature style. 

Bonus #1-Mini Style Sheet

I will put together a mini style sheet for you, with 5 items that will be perfect for your body shape, lifestyle and age. You can use this style catalog when you go shopping in stores and online, making choices so much easier! 

Bonus #2- Two Video Trainings (each over an hour long and full of AMAZING bespoke information, not available anywhere else!)
Video #1: “Accessories are SUCCESSORIES”
  • Jewelry styles and how to wear, care for and organize
  • Let’s talk handbags and what you need to have in your wardrobe
  • Eyeglasses that will flatter your face shape
  • Meet your new BFF… the SCARF
  • Discover how to wear and pair accessories to boost your confidence and feel stylish and unstoppable!
Video #2:” Shoes, Glorious Shoes”
  •  Latest styles and what to wear with them
  • Anatomy of a shoe and how to talk to a shoe sales person
  • Help! Foot issues what should you wear, brands and wear to shop
  • What every women should have in their shoe wardrobe