Ready to discover what styles are best on your shape, are age appropriate, and be able to shop with ease?

The Style & Grace program can show you the way!


Dressing your style and looking fabulous should never be an afterthought!

You can be 40, 50, 60 or beyond, and still look stylish and sexy! Learn how with Style & Grace!

You are walking by a great store or boutique, and the displays catch your eye, and you say, “Wow, those clothes are so great looking” you pop in to find out there is nothing in YOUR size, AND they are all for 25-year-olds!!!

You want to overhaul your look and finding clothes, makeup and hair styles that make you feel confident, vibrant and sexy seem pretty impossible. 

But what you don’t know is that even the most style savvy women benefit from customized direction and style guidance.

I can fix all that!

This 12 week DIY Style online course is going to teach what you need to know to look vibrant, sexy and stylish and banish any old lady thoughts right out of your mind.

You will learn the latest and greatest in beauty techniques for makeup, skin care and hair to help combat ageing. 

You will be immersed in this permanent lifetime info and gain the confidence and skills needed to put you in charge of looking your best!

So here is the skinny on how this incredible “Do at Your Own Pace” Program is going to work:

• You will receive 12 training videos and pdf style WORKBOOKS will be sent to you via email with everything you need!


BONUS high value videos:
  1. Understanding Dress Codes and Dressing for Events
  2. Dress Your Best in Color:LIVE color analysis demo
  3. Shoes, Glorious Shoes: How to buy shoes that don’t kill your feet and more…           
  • Copy of “Tips for Building the Ultimate Mix and Match Wardrobe”

Style and Grace is a style done for you guide. You will receive 12 hours of excellent, rock-solid information brought to you by a style and fashion expert with over 30 years in the entertainment industry as a 4 time Emmy nominated costume designer and fashion consultant. Nowhere else can you find such a comprehensive guide that will truly teach you how to enhance your wardrobe and beauty routine. This program was originally a $627.00 live program with daily access to Lori Ann for questions and support. Now, in this special offer, you can watch the videos at your own pace and review whenever you need a refresher. Working with Lori Ann in person for this information would cost thousands of dollars. For this one time price of $157.00 this valuable information can be yours to have for lifetime. Read below some of the client comments!

12 Incredible Modules that will help you obtain the look you want  and the knowledge you’ll need to save you time and money on creating a wardrobe thats up to date and fashionable.

Thank you Lori Ann! I just watched Module 8 “How to be a Sexy Siren”. Thanks to you I am trying to buy more soft flowing items. I have noticed my boyfriend dishes out more compliments when I wear these items. Also, thank you for addressing lingerie. Great confidence tips. I checked all the websites you suggested too. On behalf of myself and my boyfriend – Thank You. Lol

Eileen G.

I found it [Style & Grace] really helpful. I loved the fit-and-flare styles…after watching it I went to Lord and Taylor’s website and saw a ton of those. Not to mention, they described a dress as having “princess seams” and now I know what those are! This class is so eye-opening and worthwhile. I am so grateful to you, Lori Ann. You truly are a rock star (even though you don’t dress like one, thank goodness!)

-Cynthia G


  • Module 1
    Your Real Body Shape :
    • What are the 7 main body types and how to determine yours
    • Discover the 3 dimensional body
    • Best styles and silhouettes for each body type
  • Module 2
    Undergarments or Bust :
    • Why wearing the correct undergarments is so important
    • Common bra buying mistakes
    • Shapewear- Not your Grandma’s girdles
  • Module 3
    What is Your Dream Image :
    • Discover how to achieve YOUR dream image
    • Defining your fashion personality
    • Tips to banish and squash the inner critic
  • Module 4
    Age Appropriate at 40-50-60 and Beyond :
    • Uncover styles that will keep you looking dazzling
    • Make your statement: How to refine a define a go-to look for 40-50-60 women
    • What styles to avoid like the plague
  • Module 5
    Hide my Belly…Please :
    • Best styles to hide those lumps, bumps and rolls
    • Keys to creating a long, lean look
    • The art of camouflage with accessories
  • Module 6
    Eliminating the Hips and Thighs :
    • Fabrics that work with your shape
    • What styles look best and what do avoid
    • Ultimate slimming techniques
  • Module 7
    Fabulous Fits: How to Fit Your Clothes :
    • Learn how to fit your dresses and skirts correctly
    • How to take ten pounds off with the correct tailoring
    • Learn best ways to fit the upper body correctly with jackets, tops and blouses
  • Module 8
    How to Dress Like a Sexy Siren at Any Age :
    • Looks to play up your sexiness and remain classy
    • How to look and feel your best and own it with confidence
    • Sexy Lingerie: What enhances your curves and tricks to diminish the bad bits
  • Module 9
    Secrets to Making Shopping Work for You :
    • Online tips and guidance
    • Discount vs. outlets… The SMACKDOWN
    • Best times of the year to shop and why
  • Module 10
    How to Handle and Care for Ageing Hair :
    • Interview with a leading Los Angeles hair stylist 
    • What do you when your hair is going through a texture change 
    • How to combat hair loss Learn the most flattering style and color for you!
  • Module 11
    The Latest and Greatest in Skin Care:
    • Interview with a Los Angeles esthetician on what works and what does not
    • How to properly take care of our skin 
    • What are the latest and greatest product ingredients 
    • What really works to combat ageing skin




  • Module 12
    Makeup Made Easy for the Over 40 Face :
    • Trick and tips to highlight and brighten your face
    • What makeup you should wear and not wear 
    • All things eyebrows! How to get them back in shape