Traveling light? Or taking the kitchen sink? Packing Tips

Will you be on the road or in the air? Or maybe relaxing in a train car watching the beautiful scenery pass you by. If you are traveling packing can be a nightmare this time of year. Lost luggage can be so stressful and it can ruin trip. Here are some of my tips for packing.
  • Lay everything out on the bed or floor before you start to pack. Make sure you create great combinations that work together in a mix and match way. Add in  jewelry too
  • Don’t forget a “special outfit” if an special event is involved in your plans
  • Build your travel wardrobe around one neutral color. That way you can keep your shoes/handbags to a minimum
  • Try to pack clothes that will roll up well -my Dad taught me this way of packing from his days in the navy. Knits are great and so are fabrics with a bit of stretch
  • Put all you undies and bras in either a cloth or plastic bag so you know where they are. Do the same for socks, belts, tights, scarves, bathing suits (if you are off to the tropics) etc. This keeps you from ransacking the suitcase
  • Invest in a hand steamer (if needed)! I love my portable Jiffy Steamer and don’t go anywhere without it.
  • Shoes/boots take up the most room in luggage so wear the bulkiest pair on the airplane. Try to condense footwear to a minimum. If you need your snow or ski boots send them ahead to your destination
Enjoy and be safe!