What to Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner

I hear you! You just want to wear something stretchy and comfortable. Oh boy don’t those sweatpants and a loose sweater seem just the thing? Well unless you are alone eating take-out, sweats would not be the ideal ensemble, especially if your Aunt Camille always comes dressed to the 9’s and comments on how everyone today just do not understand how to dress properly. Her comments can cut “right to the quick” and you spend the day dodging her. UGH

Well here are a few tips to help you when it comes to dressing for the feast. Yes, you can be comfortable and stylish at the same time!

My suggestions are these tricks:

  • You can wear stretch but opt for a straight leg pant or not too tight legging. Tight jeans are never one of my favs to wear on Thanksgiving (unless you are trying not to eat much)
  • Try a dress that is not a tight sheath. An empire style or A Line are good choices. Remember soft fabric that has some stretch is ideal. A tight dress that requires shape wear will be hateful.
  • Don’t wear a tight t-shirt that grabs your back and belly. Wear a top/sweater that flares out a bit over mid section…again A line. A pretty blouse is a good thing as long as it has some ease. Remember prints camouflage!
  • Vests and drape front cardigans are BRILLIANT over a top or blouse to conceal a full tummy
  • If you will be cooking and cleaning up now is not the time to wear fabrics that are dry clean only. Grease stains are buggers to get out of fabric. Washable so much better and a pretreat the spots with the classic blue DAWN dishwashing soap is the bomb.
  • Even if your out fit is simple add some pretty jewelry and perhaps an infinity scarf with a touch of metallic that you would keep on indoors.


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