What’s in your professional jewelry box?


This is a popular topic when I have spoken to business women. What jewelry is appropriate for the workplace. This is geared for more of the women who have to do that more formal type of dressing.

What’s is your jewelry box?

Professional women need to have dependable, timeless jewelry to enhance their visual business card. It’s fine to mix things up with trendy pieces but timeless jewelry is an investment in your success because they keep your appearance and sophisticated. And, my dear readers, you know by now that much of what people think about you is based you’re your appearance! Here is your business jewelry checklist:

Silver jewelry if your skin tone is cool 

Gold if your skin is warm 


Studs: Always a winner

Diamond studs: Studs are perfect with everything so long as they’re on a small side. Be sure to avoid anything “rapper-ish”

Small hoops earrings: no larger than a quarter

Small dangle earring: no longer than a half-inch dangle. No swinging chandeliers, that can be distracting


Pearls: 16-18 inch single or a double strand (White-white and gray pearls look best on cool skin while a bit creamier version and yellow pearls look great on warm skin)

Long Chain: Something that you can double to make a collar piece too. Also a necklace with a pendant is good to have.

Your best metal necklaces that rest at the base of your neck are great additions


Bangle or link bracelet: Avoid anything too big or noisy that will clank against the computer or desk

Classic watch: A sleek, clean watch that you wear every day with a metal or leather band

Evening watches are still popular but if you don’t have one, try to skip it or be sure your classic watch works with your dressy outfit


Ring: Simple is best! and not one on every finger. Unless you are a rock star


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